Green Initiatives

Any off-cuts. Any odd bits. Never wasted but always recycled.

At TimberTech, we do our best NOT to waste any of our natural resources. This means applying conscientious waste management by recycling our wood waste.

We accomplish this in several different ways:

  • By placing waste bins for different types of wood waste throughout our service area. These bins are routinely collected and the wood waste is used by other manufacturers to make chip boards, animal beddings or compost.
  • Damaged pallets are de-nailed and the lumber is re-used for other products.

Doing our part to help protect the environment.

TimberTech is committed to ensure that all its timber come from the following sources:

  • Forest certified under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which is an international forest certification program. Its standards are recognised and supported by environmental, social and economic bodies worldwide as environmentally sound and socially responsible.
  • Plantation forests which are replanted and maintained to be sustainable.
  • Forest with a harvesting process that is well managed and meet the International Treaty Organisation (ITTO) standards.

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